The Macaron Menu

Macarons are delicate pastries, a sweet meringue-based confection made with finely ground almonds and filled with a ganache, buttercream or confiture (fruit preserve). We craft our macarons just like the French, only the finest ingredients are whipped and piped by hand. We love experimenting and concocting new flavours based on what is seasonally available or custom requests. We offer 27 different flavours and each month we create a new and exciting macaron for that month.

How to order your Macarons:
1. Decide how many macarons you would like (this can be tricky).
2. Choose your macaron flavours (make sure to check out our Flavour of the Month)
3. Choose your box.
4. Enjoy!

One (1) macaron: $7.50
Two (2) macarons w/ box: $20.00
Six (6) macarons w/ box: $50.00
Eight (8) macarons w/ box: $65.00
Twelve (12) macarons w/ box: $80.00

Signature macaron box for The Green Monkey

1. How Many Macarons would you like in your box?

Two Macarons

Box of 2

$ 20.00

Six Macarons

Box of 6

$ 50.00

Eight Macarons

Box of 8

$ 65.00

Twelve Macarons

Box of 12

$ 80.00

2. Pick your Flavours

Flavour of the Month

Caramel Apple Crumble Macaron

Caramel Apple Crumble

A luscious apple buttercream & apple pie filling in the centre, with the bright green macaron shells dipped in creamy caramel and fresh almond streusel.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake Macaron with pink filling

Birthday Cake
Cherry Cheesecake Macaron

Cherry Cheesecake
Coconut Macaron

Coffee macaron

Cookies and Cream Macaron

Cookies & Cream
cotton candy macaron

Cotton Candy

Currently unavailable

Creme Brûlée Macaron

Crème Brûlée
Dark Chocolate macaron

Dark Chocolate
Double Fudge Brownie Macaron

Double Fudge Brownie
French Toast Macaron

French Toast

Currently unavailable

Key Lime Pie Macaron

Key Lime Pie

Currently unavailable

Lavender macaron

Lemon Curd macaron

Lemon Curd

Currently unavailable

Milk Chocolate Macaron

Milk Chocolate
Passion Fruit macaron

Passion Fruit

Currently unavailable

Pistachio macaron

Raspberry Buttercream Macaron

Raspberry Buttercream
Red Velvet Macaron made in Barbados

Red Velvet
rose macaron

salted caramel macaron

Salted Caramel
salted caramel cheesecake macaron

Salted Caramel Cheesecake
S'mores Macaron made in Barbados

Tiramisu Macaron


Currently unavailable

vanilla macaron

Vanilla Bean

3. Pick your Box

Classic Stripe Box

Classic Stripe

12 Macarons

Classic Stripe Box


12 Macarons

Monkey Macaron Box


12 Macarons

Hummingbird Box


12 Macarons

Seashells Box


12 Macarons

Rose Macaron Box


8 Macarons

Paisley Macaron Box


8 Macarons

Classic Stripe Macaron Box

Classic Stripe

6 Macarons

Bougainvillea Macaron Box

Tropical Pineapple

6 Macarons

Bougainvillea Macaron Box


6 Macarons

Flamingo Macaron Box


6 Macarons

Damask Macaron Box


6 Macarons

Classic Macaron Box


2 Macarons